About me

Hello, my name is Faye Wombwell, I love watch films, playing video games and drawing. I grew up in the quiet town of Felixstowe in Suffolk.

In 2010 I stared a 3 year course in animation at Staffordshire University, because I enjoyed drawing and I love watching cartoons, so want I really wanted to do was become a character designer, but when I graduated in 2013 I found it really hard to get my feet of the ground so I tired to my other interest which is cross stitching.

I have been cross stitching for about 16 years with a few breaks in-between. I have inherited a lot of patterns from my family and I have also brought my own. But there came a time when I just couldn't find anything that really interested me to stitch. Then a few people asked if I could do some designs of my own so I had a go. I started of simple with just animals and letters. But I then stated drawing my own characters  and designs. This is why I decide to make a blog so I can document all my designs in one place.

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